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Below are articles written by Dr. D. Bruce Howell

 and have been published in the

Grand Laker Magazine
Pryor Paper
Grove Sun
Miami News-Record
Grand :Lake News Online
Grand :Lake Business Journal
Westville Reporter


1. Explorers in Oklahoma. Two Incidents to Write Home About 2.  Two Unwanted Introductions
3. Where In The World Was Hernando De Soto 4. First Citizens of Northeast Oklahoma
 5.  Jean Pierre Chouteau, The Early Years  6. Jean Pierre Chouteau, -  Father of Oklahoma
 7.     The Texas Trail, Mother Road of Oklahoma  8. Cabin Creek, A Site Worth Saving
 9.    Greenbriar Joe Martin 10. The Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad
11.   Vinnie Ream, Vinita's Namesake 12. The Delaware County Civil Wars
13.    The Matthhias Splitlog - The Indian Millionaire 14. Grove Springs, Historical Icon
15.   Sam Houston Slept Here 16. The Military Road, Highway to Paradise
17.   Henry Covel Holderman, A Dam Visionary 18. The Afton Spring, A Link To Our Past
19.   W.R. Holway, Pensacola's Architect 20. A Grand Lake Mystery, The Bridge To Nowhere
21.   Nathan Pryor, Oklahoma Namesake
The Dalton's Railroad Robbery, A Different Perspective
23. The Vinita Axe Handle War 24. Stand Waite, Cherokee Statesman
25. The Cherokee Slave Revolt of 1842 26. Grand River Ferries
There is No Sunday West of St. Louis, No God West of Ft. Smith 28. The Ghost of Monkey Island
29.    Bonnie and Clyde, Oklahoma Regulars 30. The Chouteau Legacy
31.    Fort Wayne, Right Location Wrong War 32. E.C. Boudinet, Boomer Sooner !
33.    Salina, Cradle of Oklahoma 34. The Apocalypse in Northeast Oklahoma
35.   Strang, Queen for a Day 36. Three Forks, Oklahoma's First Wal-Mart
37. Our Indian Princesses, Larkin and Chouteau 38. Miami, OK and Washington D.C. Sister Cities
39. Salina Pumpback - Holway's Folley 40. The Barker Gang, Permanent Resident of Welch
41. Lessons Learned at Cowskin Prairie 42. A Lesson In Civilization
43. History Surrounds Us 44. The Delaware County Courthouse Fight
45. Claremore, Our Western Cousin 46. A Second Look At The First Battle of Cabin Creek
47. Charles Claude Du tisne, Our First Ambassador 48. Afton, Railroad Hub of Northeastern Oklahoma
49. Washington Irving A Fading Celebrity 50. Kenwood, The Company Town
51. Pitcher Lead, Indian Luck in Oklahoma 52. J. Howard Langley, OK Icon
53. Dripping Springs, Made for a Movie 54. Cherokee Removal, Ingredients for a Perfect Storm
55. Reverend Butricks Journal, Chaos in Cherokee County 56. Reverend Butrick's Journal, The Terrible Trail
57. Nathan Boone, More Than His Fathers Son 58. William Lovely's Purchase
59. Gunfight at Wagoner's Switch 60. Wyandotte From Pioneers to Paintball
61. Fraud in Cherokee County.... And Politics as Usual 62. Wesley Disney's Legacy
63. Finally It's Okay... 64. Officer Down, the Death of Ike Gilstrap
65. Wagoner, Queen of the Prairie 66. Red Phillips War with GRDA
67. Murder on Honey Creek 68. Judge Parker's Other Court
69. Bushwackers, Terrorists of the Past 70. Fort Gibson, West Point's Graduate School
71. Quapaw's Braggin Rights 72. Cherokee Justice, The Saline Courthouse Story
73. Spavinaw, Profile of Oklahoma History 74. The Trail Ended At Dawes
75. The Disney Tree Fight, Precursor to Theatrics 76. Gumpandama's Gift
77. Fairland, A Slice of Americana 78. Ned Christie, Justice Gone Wrong
79. Centralia's Crime Wave 80. Port Three Forks, Gateway To The West
81. Cleora, Changing With The Times 82. Ed Reed, Gone Right
83. The Third Battle of Cabin Creek 84. God's Emissaries
85. I Have Signed My Own Death Warrant 86. They're Robbin' The Bank
87. They Called it Rabbit 88. Bob Rogers Has Gone To Hell
89. Ottawa, Oklahoma's Indian County 90. Cole, Another Echo From The Past
91. A Different Kind Of War 92. Commerce Cornfield to Boomtown
93. If Something Can Go Wrong, It Will 94. Stand Waties Last Battle
95. Divorce Pioneer Style 96. The Merchants of Three Forks
97. Worcester a Man for All Seasons 98. The Flight of the Vin Fiz
99. Sam & Diana Made for Hollywood 100. A Questions of Sovereignty
101. Home Sweet Home 102. There's Gold in California
103. Pioneer Actors Blazing a Way to Hollywood 104. The Promise that was Park Hill
105. You're Free to Go 106. The Gold Rush in Georgia, a Defining Moment
107. Closing a Chapter on the Indian Problem 108. Firewater!
109. All Aboard for the End of the Line 110. Blind Justice at Pryor Creek
111. Hopefield Mission, a Different Perspective 112. Destination Groveport
113. Union Mission, an Unfulfilled Dream 114. Decision at Pryor Creek
115. Benjamin Bonneville, a Celebrity Among Us 116. Pensacola on the Move
117. Locust Grove, "The Wonder City" 118. Baxter Springs, Linked to Oklahoma
119. Cabin Creek, More Than a Battlefield 120. Trails and Roads, Our Regions Inheritance
121. Another Trail of Tears 122. The Fate of the State of Sequoyah
123. Locust Grove More Than a Skirmish 124. Northeastern Oklahoma Center of Commerce
125. The Trial of Boomer Payne 126. Gone With The Wind and the Perfect Storm
127. Down U.S. 69... in 1855 128. Slavery,  the Peculiar Institution
129. Hazardous Journeys 130. Reverend Stephan Foreman, the Father of Oklahoma Education




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