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This website has been created by Visitors Center, Inc. and its affiliate organization, the Grand River Historical Society, expressly for disseminating information about northeastern Oklahoma.  All material contained herein is free and available for reproduction and not to be sold. It is our intent that data will continually be added to "tell the story" of our region.

     Visitors Center, Inc. was formed in January of 2000 to: (1) promote the construction of a Visitors Center on South Grand Lake that would also house the local Chamber of Commerce; (2) further the growth of tourism for Grand and Hudson Lakes, and (3) encourage education regarding the incredible history of Northeastern Oklahoma.

     Our first objective was attained in 2010 upon completion of the Grand River Dam Authorities' Ecosystems and Education Center overlooking Pensacola Dam in Langley, Oklahoma.  Previously, In 2008, we formed the Grand River Historical Society, a committee of representatives from Craig, Delaware, Ottawa and Mayes Counties, to initiate objectives two and three.  In addition to this web site, the committee also focuses on promoting the availability of historical information about the quad counties through libraries and museum displays.  And, by utilizing our 'Hooked on History' project, regional elementary school students can participate in on-site education programs highlighting any of three topics: explorers, settlers, or builders in the 20th century




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